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Product info

Commercial Name: Xanax
Principal Ingredient: Alprazolam
Utilization: for treating Generalized Disorder, Insomnia and panic disorder
Available Dosage: 1mg


Product info

Commercial Name: Xanax
Principal Ingredient: Alprazolam
Utilization: for treating Generalized Disorder, Insomnia and panic disorder
Available Dosage: 1mg

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  • Xanax
  • 2 mg
  • 30 pills
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  • Xanax
  • 2 mg
  • 60 pills
  • 531.00 €
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  • Xanax
  • 2 mg
  • 90 pills
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  • Xanax
  • 2 mg
  • 120 pills
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  • 2 mg
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What Is Xanax

Xanax is a powerful medication that is generally used for treating Generalized Disorder. (GAD) and also for treating insomnia and panic disorders. This drug has the tendency to cause addiction if taken outside of prescription. A lot of teenagers have been addicted to this drug as a result of taking this drug without description.

How to Use Xanax

when you purchase this drug, ensure you read through the prescription information provided within the drug.

Take this medicine orally according to your prescription. The prescription is based on your age, medical condition and your response to treatment. Sometimes the doctor may decide to increase the dose of this medication for the patient until the desired response is derived. The patient is always advised to follow the doctor’s prescription, this is to ensure the patient doesn’t get addicted to this drug.

Patients are advised not to stop using this drug immediately. Before stopping this medication your doctor will have to lower your dose gradually and check you if there will be any symptoms of withdrawal. People who have been using Xanax for a very long time, have a tendency to experience withdrawal. To this extent, you are hereby advised to inform your doctor if you experience any symptoms of withdrawal after using this drug.

It has been proved that this medication, can sometimes cause addiction, particularly in people who have an addiction to other substances like alcohol or addiction to other drugs. The appropriate precaution to take, in this case, is to ensure that this drug, is taken according to prescription. This will lower the risk of addiction. The doctor can select an appropriate prescription that will reduce the tendency for addiction.

Always ensure you follow through with your physician when using this drug. If after using Xanax for a while and the drug still doesn’t work properly, ensure you let your physician know about it.

Xanax Dosage

Xanax comes in 2 major forms, it comes as an extended-release tablet and as a liquid form. Xanax is meant to be taken by mouth. The factors to be considered before administering this medication to this patient is the age, the patient’s response to treatment. The dosage of Xanax can be increased gradually for this patient, as may be determined by the response to treatment. this will also ensure, that the patient doesn’t get addicted to this drug.

Xanax is available in

  • 0.25mg
  • 0.5mg
  • 1mg
  • 2mg

Xanax is used for a longer time period, more than any other medicines, this is usually the reason why withdrawal symptoms usually occur. However, ensure to follow up with your physician to reduce any risk of side effects and withdrawal occurring.

Take this Xanax by mouth, do not chew or break it. Just swallow it as it is, it will dissolve in the body. This ensures its effectiveness.

Side Effects of Xanax

Just like every other medicine Xanax also has it’s own side effects. However to reduce the occurrence of side effects follow the appropriate prescription of your doctor. Some side effects of this drug that may occur include; sex drive changes, dizziness, drowsiness. If any of these symptoms persist you should consult with your physician and report to him.

Patients should always be aware that Xanax was prescribed to them based on the benefits and not the side effects. The benefits of this drug far outweigh the propensity for an occurrence for a side effect. However, be sure the chances for an occurrence of a side effect are far less likely to occur if you stick with the prescription and you follow up with your doctor during the period of utilizing this drug.

Some patients have experienced mood changes, slurred speech, loss of coordination, memory problems. patients who encounter these side effects, should, however, ensure, to consult with their physician as soon as possible. Some patients who use this drug, may not even experience this side effect at all. If you experience seizures, yellow eyes or skin, ensure you speak to your physician about this.

There are few allergic reactions to Xanax. However, let your doctor know if you are experiencing an allergic reaction to this drug. Some of these allergic reaction includes rashes, itching in the face, swellings in parts of the throat and tongue, dizziness.

If you notice any other side effect after this, ensure you speak to your physician about this, as this list may not cover all the side effects that a patient may experience.


before commencing treatment with Xanax, ensure you take these precautions:

  • Keep your doctor aware you are consuming alcohol and any other medications you may be taking before you start using Xanax.
  • If you are pregnant or you plan to be pregnant, you should not use Xanax.
  • Nursing mothers should not use Xanax
  • If you are involved in any job that requires utter concentration, you shouldn’t use Xanax.
  • If your dose of Xanax is not working as it should ensure to speak to your physician, your physician will determine if he will increase your dosage for this medication.
  • Avoid stopping this medication instantly, without seeking the consent of your physician. If you must stop this medication, it should be under the strict guidance of your physician. This is can result in, or aggravate withdrawal syndromes.

Where Can I buy Xanax 1mg and 2mg

You can buy Xanax 1mg and 2mg drugs here on our online pharmacy if you live in Dubai or other cities in the UAE. Likewise, if you live in Saudi Arabia, you can order the 1mg and 2mg dosage of this medication and it will be delivered to you in the fastest possible time. However, if you live in other cities other than in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai, you can visit local pharmacies or you can order online at a good price, either the 1mg, 2mg or other dosages. Also, be careful of buying fake or substandard drugs.

What is the Price of Xanax 1mg and 2mg

The price of Xanax depends on the dosage. The regular dosage of 1mg and 2mg is sold here in our online pharmacy. This depends on the number of pills. The packet of 20 pills is sold for 89 euros. The more the pills, the higher the price. The largest is the packet of 90 pills which is sold for 239 euros. Ensure you consult with your physician before buying.

1mg Dosages

30 pills (€ 189.00)

60 pills (€269.00)

90 pills (€349.00)

120 pills (€399.00)

2mg Dosages

30 pills (€ 199.00)

60 pills (€279.00)

90 pills (€359.00)

120 pills (€409.00)

What Medication Can Cause An Interaction With Xanax?

Drug interactions refer to changes in a way the particular medication works, as a result of the presence of other medications. There are other drugs that a patient may take, which may affect the working of Xanax. To this effect, a patient is advised to keep a list of all medications being used such as prescription and non-prescription drugs, herbal drugs, nutrition supplements, and any other type of drugs been used. Ensure you do not commence using any drug without the prescription of your physician.

Some drugs may cause the removal of Xanax from the body. These drugs include antibiotic drugs, antifungal drugs, drugs used for treating HIV and antidepressant Examples of these drugs include; delavirdine, nefazodone, fluoxetine, erythromycin, indinavir. Also, drugs used in treating seizures.

Drugs that cause drowsiness can affect this drug negatively, it can result in shallow breathing, dizziness, breathing problems and drowsiness. This could be caused by opioid pain or cough relievers,, these include hydrocodone and codeine. Others include alcohol marijuana, anxiety drugs (which include lorazepam, zolpidem), muscle relaxants (cyclobenzaprine). When buying cough syrups ensure you check their labels to be sure they don't contain drowsiness enhancing substances. Smoking has also been said to negatively affect the effectiveness of this drug as a result of this speak to your doctor if you smoke.

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